Axiological-cultural aspects of ethics and health care


  • María Julia Calvo-Gil Universidad Austral de Chile
  • Ricardo Ayala-Valenzuela Universidad San Sebastián
  • Moira Holmqvist-Curimil Universidad Austral de Chile
  • Cecilia Molina-Díaz Universidad Austral de Chile


The objective of present study is to discover the meaning of respect and care –as moral dimensions of nursing practice- within the system of beliefs and values in a specific culture. The theoretical focus of the topic is given by three elements which support our conceptions of nursing practice. The first one sketches a discussion about relations between ethics and nursing; the second one shows the recent socio historical context through which care acquires meaning as object of studying nursing. The third one emphasizes the inter subjectivity and co-building dimensions of care as socio cultural practices and highlights the need to seek and understand the meaning that moral dimensions of care acquire in subject condition. An ethnographic research was developed using as corpus interviews carry out during the process of trans culture on nursing priorities and health care organizations.


respect, care, nursing, care behaviors, culture

Author Biographies

María Julia Calvo-Gil, Universidad Austral de Chile

Enfermera y Matrona. Académica del Instituto de Enfermería, Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile

Ricardo Ayala-Valenzuela, Universidad San Sebastián

Enfermero (a). Académico de la Escuela de Enfermería, Universidad San Sebastián, Chile