Sketches about nowadays' medical ethos


  • Luis Risco Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Chile


In ethical terms the profile that the doctor's rôle has acquired in today's society has not been sufficiently considered as an analysis' object neither among the medical corps nor in other reflection instances, even though the effects of this insensible but significant change can be noticed in multiple aspects of the medical professional practice. To begin with, in the "legalization" of the medical activity, in the path from a doctor-patient relationship to another one of the type doctor-client, in the pressure that the administrated medicine puts on the temporality of the medical act, etc., situations through which you can clearly see manifestations of what has just been pointed out. This paper pretends to set certain basis that would lead to consider the subject from the "to be in the world" perspective that, eventually, corresponds to the doctor's role.


medical ethics, medical humanism