Prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination. Ethical and psychodynamic reflection on embryonic sex selection


  • María de la Luz Casas Martínez Universidad Panamericana, México


The selection of embryonic sex is a biotechnological possibility that, because it is done on gametes, does not cause damage to the zygote. Selecting the sex of a child can be innocuous, but for that choice to be freely made there should be no psychological pressure, specifically from feelings of discrimination as a neurotic symptom.

The article outlines the bases of this symptom and its manifestations. A great responsibility exists when decisions are taken that affect third parties, and it is necessary that they are realized with the highest possible level of freedom. This work also analyzes the alternatives, prevention and management of neurotic discrimination.


discrimination, prejudice, sex selection, embryo

Author Biography

María de la Luz Casas Martínez, Universidad Panamericana, México

Doctor en Ciencias. Escuela de Medicina, Universidad Panamericana, México.