The principle of justice and health in Chile


  • Claudio Lavados Montes Universidad Santo Tomás
  • Alejandra Gajardo Ugás Universidad Santo Tomás


Equality in access to health care, efficiency in interventions designed to promote, preserve and recuperate health, and the efficient use of available health care resources are the central objectives of the Health Care System Reform in Chile, based on the principle of justice. This article deals with the theme of justice in health, starting from the traditional definition, continuing to that of healthcare, and culminating in what bioethics interprets today as justice, and whether this principle is verified or not under Plan AUGE, as the Political Constitution of Chile establishes the right to health care as a basic right recognized for all citizens.


health, justice, Plan AUGE

Author Biographies

Claudio Lavados Montes, Universidad Santo Tomás

Licenciado en Teología. Profesor Universidad Santo Tomás, Chile.

Alejandra Gajardo Ugás, Universidad Santo Tomás

Licenciada en Enfermería. Directora Escuela de Enfermería, Universidad Santo Tomás, Chile.