Ethics in the curriculum of odontological careers


  • Carlos Zaror Sánchez Universidad de La Frontera
  • Carolina Vergara González Servicio de Salud Araucanía Sur.


A bibliographical review was performed related to the incorporation of ethics in the curriculum of an odontology career. The information compiled was processed in order to create a general suggestion around this theme, placing emphasis on its importance inside the curriculum, as well as in the objectives, content, and strategies involved in the instruction of this discipline.


ethics, bioethics, bioethics in odontology

Author Biographies

Carlos Zaror Sánchez, Universidad de La Frontera

Cirujano Dentista. Departamento de Odontología Integral, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de La Frontera, Chile.

Carolina Vergara González, Servicio de Salud Araucanía Sur.

Cirujano Dentista. Servicio de Salud Araucanía Sur, Chile.