Bioethics, mental health care and gender


  • Carmen Bravo de Rueda Ortega Asociación Peruana de Bioética. Perú


This paper focuses on the development of three main concepts, representing our time, whose definition and initial impact has changed in the last years: bioethics, mental health care and gender. It analyzes their interrelationship using data from the epidemiological research carried out in Lima, Peru, by the National Institute of Mental Health Care of Woman in "united women"


bioethics, mental health care, woman, gender

Author Biography

Carmen Bravo de Rueda Ortega, Asociación Peruana de Bioética. Perú

Magíster en Psicología Clínica y de Familia (USMP). Presidenta de la Asociación Peruana de Salud Mental para la Mujer. Secretaria de Asociación Peruana de Bioética. Perú.