New perspectives in palliative care

  • Leo Pessini Universitario São Camilo, São Paulo. Brasil
  • Luciana Bertachini Universidad Federal de São Paulo. Brasil.


This paper examines palliative care under diverse aspects. After a historical and conceptual review, the question of which health care interventions must be done in the geriatric and gerontology context is examined, as well as their contribution to the maintenance and rescue of functional capacities. We reaffirm the importance of ethical, scientific, humane, spiritual and socio cultural reflection about programs addressed to the health care of elderly in their multidimensional coverage. Finally, we point out some challenges with respect to rescuing the wisdom of living and the dignity of dying.

Author Biographies

Profesor Doctor en Teología Moral/Bioética. Vicerrector del Centro Universitario São Camilo, São Paulo. Brasil.

Fonoaudióloga del Ambulatorio de Neuropsiquiatría e Gerontología del Instituto de Geriatría y Gerontología de la Universidad Federal de São Paulo. Brasil

Keywords palliative care, ethics, palliative medicine, geriatrics, gerontology