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The consideration of the subject participant in research as active part in the pharmaceutical business


  • María de la Luz Casas Martínez Universidad Panamericana, México


Although for thirty years researchers involved in biomedical investigation have designed international strategies for the protection of the subject of investigation, the consideration of the patient as an active subject in the pharmaceutical business in practice is minimized. One of these compromises in the patient's protection is contained in the Helsinki VI Declaration, in which the laboratory accepts to continue the supply of the medicament and/or method studied postprotocol, when this has been proved to be a benefit to the participant in the research, in practice, this is not fulfilled.

Bioethics, as a pro- dialog discipline, tries to approach the involved sectors looking for languages or common points of view in order to have agreements. That is why I, in the present work, used the pharmaceutical laboratory's own arguments, commercial laws and general ethics.


clinical research, ethical aspects, patient’s rights, bioethics research, Helsinki Declaration.

Author Biography

María de la Luz Casas Martínez, Universidad Panamericana, México

Profesora investigadora en la Escuela de Medicina. Universidad Panamericana, México.