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Social sciences’ investigation ethics in the globalisation context: from quantitative to qualitative investigation


  • Lorenzo Agar Corbinos Universidad de Chile


As a result of globalisation, a number of social and economic changes are taking place in social sciences that leads us to think about the choice of studying methodologies. The challenge consists in reducing the space between what is social, studied through quantitative methodologies, and what is "sociality", marked by qualitative methodologies.

Ethics arises from culture, which tells us something about a people's unconscious collective. Investigation must find the appropriate and validated forms of apprehending reality. This is the most narrow evidence of the trilogy: culture/ ethics/investigation.

Nowadays, what spouts out of community living roots is an ethics associated with sociality, that's why it is important to think again about social sciences' investigation methodologies.


Social sciences, sociality, culture, magic, investigation.

Author Biography

Lorenzo Agar Corbinos, Universidad de Chile

Profesor del Departamento de Sociología de la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Universidad de Chile.