Bioethics an psychiatric dissability: clinical an juridical apects


  • Laura Rueda Castro Universidad de Chile
  • María Angélica Sotomayor Saavedra Universidad de Chile


This monography seeks to establish an interdisciplinary link between bioethics and the clinical and juridical aspects that connect with attention, protection and rehabilitation of persons with psychiatric illness. The analysis is centered those adults, on deprived of reasoning because of a psycopathologic process, entitled to civil rights, but with dificulties to exercise them due to their illness.


Bioethics, psychiatric patient, incapacity, insane.

Author Biographies

Laura Rueda Castro, Universidad de Chile

Bioeticista, Terapeuta Ocupacional, Licenciada en Filosofía, Profesora Asistente, Facultad de Medicina Universidad de Chile.



María Angélica Sotomayor Saavedra, Universidad de Chile

Abogada, Magíster (c) en Bioética, Asesora Jurídica, Facultad de Medicina Universidad de Chile.