Global climatic changes and the challenge of planetary citizenry


  • Fabio José Feldmann
  • Rachel Biderman Furriela


In this paper we pretend to examine the issue of climatic changes and their crucial consequences for the future of the planet. This subject has been legitimized and made explicit through various world fora, but has undergone poor development in Latin America, although the serious and overriding impacts for the Region. The solution to challenges posed by climatic changes will fundamentally be expressed in the sphere of citizenry and that implies the creation of new forms of dialogue, of dissemination of information, of education, and a process of democratization in decision-making.


environment, environmental ethics, climatic changes, international agreements.

Author Biographies

Fabio José Feldmann

Abogado. Secretario Ejecutivo del Fórun Brasilero de Mudanças Climáticas.

Rachel Biderman Furriela

Abogada, Master en Derecho Internacional (LL.M. - American University, Washington College of Law, EUA). Secretaria Ejecutiva del Instituto Pró-Sustentabilidade (IPSUS).