• Gustavo G. De Simone Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires


Palliative Care emerges as a modality of assistance for terminally ill patients, aiming at responding to their biological, psychosocial and spiritual needs, as well as to train and give support to their families. End-of-life assistance poses specific necessities and problems that require the implementation of specific knowledge and appropriate use of resources. Patients and their families, in addition to home care professional team and agencies constitute the main protagonists of situations where suffering appears as a central issue. Only a comprehensive approach to the problem, including scientific qualification and a deeply humane attitude will permit to find responses in accordance with the suffering being's dignity. Therefore, it appears as fundamental the consideration of technical aspects and underlying ethical dilemmas. Reference is made to a clinical case and resulting ethical reflections in order to facilitate the global understanding of this challenge.


Palliative Care, Healthdisease process, Pain, Communication, Medical futility, Medical necessity.

Author Biography

Gustavo G. De Simone, Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires

Médico Especialista en Oncología Clínica, Universidad de Buenos Aires. Diploma en Medicina Paliativa, University of Wales College of Medicine. UK. Coordinador de la Sección Medicina Paliativa del Hospital "Dr. Bonorino Udaondo". Director del Centro de Estudios PALLIUM en Medicina y Cuidados Paliativos. Director de la Carrera de Médico Especialista en Oncología Clínica, Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires.

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