The value of life, the embryo subjectivity and the debate about abortion: contributions from a critical perspective


  • José Manuel Morán Faúndes Universidad Nacional de Córdoba


This paper analyzes critically the way in which the ethical and legal debate about abortion is posed, as a conflict of rights between the embryo and the woman, showing the ways in which the figure of the embryo is built, as a subject susceptible of moral value and legal protection. In particular, the view sustaining the zygote as unfailing moral subject is discussed, by the fact of having a specific genome, different from progenitors, giving it a legal statute equivalent to women. Thus, a critique is stablished towards the way this view, through scientific language, presented as objective, has hold out to make invisible the cultural and social ways in which the value of life is built.


induced abortion, embryo, fetus, women, culture, genetics