Conscientious objection of professionals and its relation to sexual and reproductive health care of adolescents in Santiago of Chile


  • Adela Montero Vega Universidad de Chile


In clinical practice, the conflict due to conscientious objection arises when confronting the right of professional objection to free conscience and the right of persons to health care on time, with quality and without discrimination. When facing an objection is indispensable to consider the existence of requirements and limits, ruling out its use to evade professional responsibility or as a way to hide discriminatory practices. Using an exploratory, qualitative study, the main meanings and bioethical issues related to professional conscientious objection were analyzed in sexual and reproductive health care of adolescents of Metropolitan Region in Santiago of Chile. The results show that, in the extend that ethical and legal basis safeguard fundamental rights, based in the respect for the dignity of all involved, we may achieve a real understanding between the stakeholders that often enter into conflict with respect to this issue.


Conscientious objection, bioethics, adolescence, reproductive and sexual health care