Valuating frozen human embryo adoption from a moral philosophical point of view, lay ethics and two monotheist religions


  • Justo Aznar Universidad Católica de Valencia
  • Miriam Martínez Universidad Católica de Valencia
  • Pedro Navarro Universidad Católica de Valencia


The search for IVF efficacy leads to a higher embryo production than it is necessary for implantation; this results in an excess of embryos which are kept frozen. This amount of frozen embryos inevitably increases. The donation/adoption are among the possible solutions for these frozen embryos. However, this practice has objective ethical problems. This article considers the ethical aspects of the donation/adoption of frozen human embryos from the point of view of moral philosophy, from what we could call "secular ethics" and from two monotheistic religions: Muslim and Jewish.


frozen human embryos, frozen human embryo adoption, ethical considerations, moral considerations