Descriptive-exploratory study about bioethical considerations present in interventions to persons with psychiatric disabilities in Day Hospitals at Maule Region


  • Manuel Pérez Ayala Universidad Autónoma de Chile


This article relates bioethics and psychiatric disabilities. Through interviews with professional teams that representing the unit of analysis, describe the objectives of existing bioethical considerations in interventions for people with psychiatric disabilities are plotted, hoping to contribute a bioethical approach for optimizing these attentions. The research was conducted in the three Day Hospitals in the Maule Region -devices which accord preferential treatment to people with chronic psychiatric disorders- through a qualitative, exploratory and descriptive study. During the course of the study is possible to appreciate that our country is necessary to implement health care models that integrate a pragmatic concepts of justice and fairness as transverse, strongly on their own mental health care, given the particular vulnerability of those users and users; for example, through the development of a community and social bioethics. Finally, it is expected that from this work can generate lines of research that contribute to the progress in improving the quality of care for people with psychiatric disabilities.


psychiatric disability, bioethics, Day Hospitals, Maule Region