Analysis of the truth in advertising on the efficacy provided by assisted reproduction clinics


  • Juan Aznar Universidad Católica de Valencia
  • Julio Tudela Universidad Católica de Valencia
  • Justo Aznar Universidad Católica de Valencia


This paper analyses the efficacy data from assisted reproduction clinics, obtained from both scientific society reports and from studies published in specialised journals, in order to compare them with information published by Spanish assisted reproduction clinics on their websites. It aims to verify whether this information matches the reality of the findings in the media analysed or, in contrast, differs from the aforementioned scientific evidence. Our study shows marked discrepancies between the evidence of existing statistical data, and figures published by most of the clinics on their websites, which could constitute false advertising.


assisted reproduction clinics, live birth rate, pregnancy rate, in-vitro fertilisation, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, false advertising