Quality of medical care from an bioethical point of view in an ophthalmological hospital in Mexico City


  • Edith Romero Chávez Fundación de Asistencia Privada “Conde de Valenciana”
  • Daniela Contreras Estrada Universidad Panamericana
  • Guillermo Cantú Quintanilla Universidad Panamericana


Objective: To analyze the perception of the quality of medical care from a bioethical point of view. Methods: Cross-sectional, analytical, descriptive and quantitative study. We used two questionnaires to assess the perception of medical care regarding bioethical principles. We did a descriptive and bivariate analysis with each one of the variables, and we obtained a score of the questions related to the bioethical principles. Results: We included 252 participants and found that during medical care, the following principles were met: 14% Autonomy, 72% Beneficence, 51% Dignity, 30% Integrity, 42% Justice, 52% No Maleficence and 27% Vulnerability. 3% obtained all the bioethical principles. Conclusions: One of the significant challenges of medicine is the implementation of quality models of medical care, which guarantee that patients receive medical care that takes into account bioethical principles.


quality, medical care, bioethical principles