Paul Ricoeur and with a good and other life other: a purpose of teamwork in health


  • María Eugenia Rapimán Salazar Universidad Diego Portales
  • Irene Alicia Acevedo Pérez Universidad Diego Portales
  • Mauricio Adrián Osorio Ulloa Universidad de Santiago de Chile
  • Adrián Darío Torres Canales Universidad de Santiago de Chile


This article essential aspects of teamwork in the field of health, are reviewed from the ethical perspective of Paul Ricoeur. Ethics conceptualized by the author as “tending to a good life with others and for others in just institutions”, is an alternative for reflection, analysis and discussion the ethical foundation of teamwork in health, and urges its members to build and / or redesign the bases for the articulation and implementation of this intentionality of good life with others and others in their daily lives. Teamwork is an instance in which the human being in intersubjectivity with others, develops his way of being ethical and moral constructs his experience. To the extent that each member develop and exercise permanent interpretation of himself and his actions leading the esteem and their self-esteem, may help establish better living spaces and working with others.


Paul Ricoeur, ethical way of being, self-esteem, self-worth, teamwork in health, just institutions