Ethical foundations that sustain the Mapuche and nature relationship. Contributions for intercultural health


  • Juan Beltrán-Véliz Universidad de la Frontera
  • Julio Tereucán Angulo Universidad de la Frontera
  • Ana María Alarcón Universidad de la Frontera
  • José Luis Gálvez-Nieto Universidad de la Frontera
  • Maura Klenner Loebel Universidad de la Frontera


Environmental pollution is a big problem that affects the earth. The Mapuche territory is no exception, given that the extractivist model violates sacred spaces, exploits natural resources, and pollutes, affecting the Mapuche's ways of life and health. The objective was proposed: reflect on the relevance of the ethical foundations that sustain the Mapuche and nature relationship as contributions to intercultural health. It is appreciated that the ethical foundations: “Az-mapu”, “küme mogen” and “ixofil mogen”, have a fundamental role in ethical behavior regarding the relationship between the Mapuche and nature, where respect, love, care, empathy and reciprocity of the Mapuche towards nature, himself and with other people, allows him to be in harmony and balance from the physical and spiritual. In this sense, it is relevant to consider these ethical foundations to improve the health service, from an intercultural perspective, considering complementarity based on dialogue, in order to provide a humanizing, diverse and, therefore, quality health to move towards a good to be more full of subjects belonging to different cultures.


Environmental pollution, ethics, az-mapu, küme mogen, ixofil mogen, intercultural health