Post-modern bioethical stresses destination of surplus embryos: brazilian analysis and brief comparisons



The objective of the present study is to point out tensions of the theoretical/practical universe that Bioethics is facing in Brazil, in the search for a praxis for the destination of surplus embryos. We consider that Bioethics analyzes the implications of such practices in society and in relationships between individuals. Brief data from other countries were presented to compare the Brazilian situation progressively from the conceptual point of view and the adoption of measures. The research is a scoping review on the main points that have been hindering the progress of discussions on the subject and consequently the respective solution. The legal status of the embryo was described from several perspectives and theories, with the resulting proposals for the destination of surplus embryos in their positive and negative aspects. The tensions of Bioethics were presented in the context of post-modernity and the consequent social and moral plurality, together with the difficulties of identifying a secular bioethical morality. In the end, we conclude the possibility of proclaiming a consensus on the destination of surplus embryos based on secular morality, supported by the figure of the “moral strangers”.


embryo status, excess embryos, bioethics