Analysis of academic knowledge about the code of ethics for medicine students developed by the Federal Medicine Council of Brazil


  • Jussara Mathias Netto Khouri Universidade do Porto
  • Lilian Bahia University of Rio de Janeiro, Macaé
  • Liga Acadêmica de Bioética Liga Acadêmica de Bioética
  • Francisca Melo Pojal da Silva Rêgo Universidade do Porto
  • Rui Manuel Lopes Nunes Universidade do Porto


Introduction: In 2018, the Federal Council of Medicine (FCM), the regulatory body of the medical profession in
Brazil, developed the Medical Student Code of Ethics (CEME), with the aim of positively influencing the conduct of future
doctors through ethical and humanitarian training. Objective: The objective of this study was to identify whether medical
students are aware and knowledgeable of the CEME. Materials and Methods: A field study was carried out with quantitative
and cross-sectional approaches. Subjects were medical students in the 1st to the 12th semesters at a Brazilian university.
Results: The survey results showed that most medical students (56%) did not know the CEME. Further, when examining
individual classes, grouped as first years (M1 to M8) and last years (M9 to M12), only 30% of the students in the first group
and 27% of the students in the last group were aware of the CEME. Conclusion: Most medical students, regardless of time
in school, are unaware of the CEME.