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The Challenges of Transhumanism to Bioethics


  • Ricardo Camargo Brito Universidad de Chile
  • Nicolás Ried Universidad Diego Portales


This article explores the challenges presented to bioethics by the emergence of transhumanism in the West. The exploration is approached from a genealogical research perspective. A genealogical investigation aims to question the conditions of intelligibility of transhumanism and from there analyze its impacts on the updating of a central debate in bioethics, namely: the limits to the manipulation of human life. Transhumanism, inhabiting the crisis of humanism that precedes and compels it, updates the issue of the human condition by presenting a line of argument that at least authorizes to formulate again the limit question: can we/should we go beyond the human?


Humanism, Transhumanism, Posthumanism, Biopolitics, Technosciences