Ageing: Opportunity for a medicine in search for goals

  • Pierre Boitte


Ageing and geriatric care constitute two aspects (collective and individual) of the same social and cultural reality, and should motivate medicine towards a healthy transformation of its practice, therefore becoming more aware of its own limitations and goals. Also becoming more appropriate for convincing society to accept ageing; a society which willingly would delegate medicine certain social and political tasks, even though they are not medical issues. This is the main idea sustained in this text.

Author Biography

Pierre Boitte

Sociólogo, Filósofo y Doctor en Salud Pública. Profesor Facultés Universitaires de Notre-Dame de la Paix, Belgique; Profesor Investigador Université Catholique de Lille, France y Consultor de Ética de Clinique Saint-Pierre d'Ottignies, Belgique.

Keywords Ageing, geriatric care, gerontology, geriatrics, older people.