• Adelio Misseroni Raddatz


Given the conceptual confusion that exists about the term euthanasia, the objective of this monograph consists of elucidating the sense and reach of this expression, from a legal and penal perspective, and by so doing, determine what behaviors are legally relevant and which should be necessarily excluded from the ius poniendi ambit.

As a next step, the author analyses the determining elements of the euthanistic behavior, always considered from a penal perspective.

Once the reach of the expression is determined, it is possible to analyze such behavior from the perspective of its objective classification for an ulterior brief reviewing of some Latin American normatives that clearly typify such behaviors.

Finally, the ethical and legal feasibility of a legislation properly euthanistic will be analysed in the light of the principle of human dignity , explicitly or implicitly recognized by the main international instruments and by all the political codes of the social and democratic States of right.


Active euthanasia, Passive euthanasia, Double effect euthanasia, Adisthanasia or Anti-disthanasia, Orthotanasia, Proportionate / disproportionate means, Therapeutic rage, Terminally-ill patient, Mercy killing, Human being’s dignity.

Author Biography

Adelio Misseroni Raddatz

Abogado Consultor del Programa Regional de Bioética de la Organización Panamericana de la Salud.