Experiences about the impact of the Ethics of Biomedical and Psychosocial Research Training Program in mental health and behavioral research field


  • Liliana Mondragón Barrios Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatría Ramón de la Fuente Muñiz


The purpose of this article is to present the impact and the integration of knowledge acquired in the international ethics of biomedical and psychosocial research training program of the University of Chile has had in my professional experience in the field of psychosocial research at a Mental Health Institute in Mexico. With this purpose, I will develop three areas of clear impact: participation in scientific ethical review committees, development of academic programs in bioethics and research and publication on ethics and bioethics. My motivation to enter in the program was that this training links psychosocial research with ethics and bioethics, which allows me to apply this type of reflection to problems such as violence, suicide, addictions, depression and mental health, and new fields such as community studies with vulnerable or at risk populations, in which the diverse implications are difficult to inquire.


ethics of research, bioethics, behavioral sciences, mental health, behavioral research, suicidal attempt, social psychology