Diversity acceptance in question: enriching and adverse experiences in training and early professional practice in psychology


  • María Inés Winkler Müller Universidad de Santiago de Chile
  • María Isabel Reyes Espejo Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso


Faced with an ambiguous regulatory framework of professional practice in the country; and a practice of psychology in the context of a fuzzy professional identity and without clear boundaries with other professions, the importance of knowing crosscutting issues that concern the relationship with the other is relieved. This study explored the perception a group of students and novel psychologists about the training received and their first work experience, specifically in issues of interculturality and ethics; as well as on strengths and weaknesses of the training received. Eighteen individual interviews and two focus groups with 12 participants, from two state universities was conducted (N = 30). A intersubjectively categorical analysis was applied and four main categories emerged: context, positive, and adverse experiences in training, notion of interculturality, and suggestions for training in ethics and interculturality. We conclude on some challenges facing the formation of psychologists in Chile.


ethics in psychology, interculturality, training in psychology, professionals